Cyclings has been built up over many years of delivery and through many interactions and input from children, teachers and paediatric professionals. We are delighted that our worksheets and course outlines are so well received and simple to use and we love that families get to see their children riding through their Learning Diaries.

But one thing that people don’t realise is that we have extensively tested all the kit too. We have destroyed many bikes and helmets in the search for the most sturdy, easy to put together and maintain, and we have subjected loads of helmets and equipment to rainstorms, Indian summers, drops, throws and squashes. While we would recommend you look after all the equipment we supply you to get many years of use out of them, we know that accidents do happen, especially with little hands and excited children, bikes get dropped, helmets get dropped and equipment isn’t always put away as we would like, but we use the same equipment and we have taken it to many schools, stored it in the van, stuck it in the store room and pulled it in and out many times a day, and we’re happy to say it’s stood up pretty well.

We will supply you with 6 bikes and helmets in your initial kit. If you would like to order more so you can run larger classes, that’s fine, as long as you can store them we can supply them. We will also supply a bag of cones and other equipment that allows you to run each of the games and warm up activities laid out n your resource pack. Your resource pack itself really is the jewel in the crown. All designed around the Characteristics of Effective Learning, you will be able to work through one of our 6 or 12 week sessions plans meaning your planning time is minimal. Simply use the index to find the session you want, remove the card from the folder, then using the simple to follow instructions, lay out your session, use the ‘make it harder’ or ‘make it easier’ section to adapt the session to your riders abilities and don’t forget to check for understanding by using the ‘Questions to ask’ section.

At the end of your 6 or 12 weeks you can give all riders a certificate that you can photocopy from your resources or download from the website. Those that need extra training can carry on throughout the year if needs be, simply adapt sessions by using the ‘make it harder’ or ‘make it easier’ sections as before and you can even create your own games using your kit bag full of equipment.

Don’t forget that there are also a range of activities for children to complete off the bike such as a ‘name the parts of the bike’ worksheet which can be written or cut and stuck. Similarly there is a ‘What do I need to do to get ready for cycling’ worksheet which can be cut and glued or written in, and there are even games that can be used on a tablet or using a mouse to build a bike and work on children’s IT skills. Riders really enjoy doing these activities, and as with every element of Cyclings they are all based around the Characteristics of Effective Learning (COEL) and can be used to effectively record learning in pupils Learning Diaries.

For more info on becoming a Cyclings school, please get in touch via the website.