What’s included in the Cyclings Course?

Over the years we have tested many bikes and owned more helmets than most people own shoes.

We have, along with the help of our thousands of amazing young riders, dropped them, crashed them, shoved them in the back of a van, crammed them into a cupboard and generally subjected them to day after day of fun and hard work. That has allowed us to find the absolute best bits of kit that money can buy. The most hardwearing, best fitting, easiest to use, simplest to maintain and generally most awesome pieces of equipment available.

We’ve trialled and discarded more stuff than we’ve kept, so you can be assured that what we supply you will last and will allow you to focus on the fun stuff, playing with the children and helping them learn as much as they can in your lessons.

We’re really excited that you want to run your own sessions in school.

You’ll need to make sure you have space to store 6 bikes and helmets and a large kit bag. You’ll also need some indoor or outdoor space to run sessions. You’ll need at least a tennis court sized area.

You’ll also need to make sure that your school insurance allows you to run cycling activities.

You can elect as many people as you want to become Cyclings Coaches and you will work your own way through the online ‘Cyclings University’. If a teacher changes classes or leaves the school, you won’t need to pay us to re-train another teacher, you simply give them your schools login details for the membership area of the website and they can make their own way through the Cyclings University at a pace to suit them. With that in mind, we know that not everyone is a cyclist and we know you may not even be very sporty, so we have kept the jargon to a minimum, the sessions simple and effective and kept the focus on enjoyment for your riders and coaches, after all, if you’re not enjoying coaching it, the riders won’t enjoy learning it.

Your annual membership of Cyclings grants you access to the members area of the website, here you can access training for teachers, resources for classroom based activities as well as certificates and other resources. You can also order extra equipment if you need it and access additional activities that we will upload including new session ideas and videos.

Your initial fee is £3000, with all equipment and your first years membership included. After that you will need to pay £300 per year to retain access to the Membership Area, allowing you access to the Cyclings University, training resources, certificates, classroom activities and new session plans that we post through the year.

Please note that VAT will be added to this price.

Schools can pay by BACS for their initial payment and by Direct Debit or BACS for their annual membership. Cyclings can supply a quote or an invoice to allow you to get a PO number. Please get in touch for any queries about payment.

With that in mind you will get 6 bikes, 6 helmets and a set of resources in a bag that have all been specially designed to perform day after day.

You will also get the jewel in the crown; The spell book! A resource folder with a huge range of games and activities that have all been designed around the Characteristics of Effective Learning, with assessment sheets and off-the-bike classroom based activities that have been designed and tested with groups of children from a wide range of different schools in different settings. We have developed a range of different activities that are linked and sequential and built around the requirements of the COEL and all aimed at supporting the development of the children across all of the 9 characteristics. It’s not just about learning to ride a bike (but try telling the children that when they’re zooming around under their own steam!) but rather the development of all round skills, Gross Motor Skills, leading to Fine Motor Skills and improved pen control, communication, perception, spatial awareness and more.

Childrens Cycling Courses UK

Supporting Cyclists of any age is paramount to safety, safer riders, safer roads and safer children.

Regardless of age, to train and guide a person through a cycling course with step by step training with guidance with over a decade of statistics and analysis of safety cycling for EYFS.

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What is Cyclings?
Cyclings Kit EYFS UK Course

Development or progress begins with confidence and ability to ride a bike unaided. Steps from cycling with balance, no stabalisers, no Mum or Dad holding on. As stages progress it’s all about safety and awareness, surroundings, conditions and positioning when out on the road.

At some point during childhood it is highly likely all children will ride a bicycle. No-one decides where or when that will happen. No one can determine when that should or could happen. No-one can predict how that or any moment on a bicycle will go?

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Why Cyclings?
EYFS Development Course

Safety is paramount for all riders taking part in any EYFS Course whuch is why Cyclings covers all the risk factors during the course .

The life of a human is priceless. You can never put the price of a loved one into a high risk factor, no-one would do that…..surely? So, why is EVERY School Principle not demanding the EYFS Cyclings Course be part of the children’s National Curriculum?

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Cost of Course?
positive courses for children EYFS

Can’t or Can, Want or Did, Will or Have, so many factors that determines wether you make our children safer and more confident in mind and physical strength and understanding but that comes to the budgets of each School, which principles and budget controlling associations and School funding goes into EYFS Cyclings Courses.

The safety steps and risk factors are ALL highlighted in the EYFS Download and guidelines for the course. You will never feel like you’re alone while taking EYFS Cyclings classes as we are virtually there alongside you every step or every peddle of the way..

EYFS Cyclings Course
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The fun doesn’t stop there. You will also get a half day of training for you and the team, all practical and aimed at getting you using the kit, interacting with each other and the children and leaving you feeling enthused and ready to start sharing the love of the programme.

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