We’ve seen lots of happy faces at Cyclings sessions over the years and lots of happy teachers too.

The basis of all Cyclings sessions is fun. Warm-ups should be short and effective and time on the bike should be maximised. Learners are in small groups of 6 (schools do run larger sessions but we recommend no more than 10 riders per session for maximum engagement) and are encouraged to learn by trying new activities each session that build on previous classes. Some riders pick up balance biking almost immediately, others may take a whole year to master it, but sessions can be used as you need them, some schools run 2 sessions per week, others run one term of intensive sessions to work on Gross Motor Skills at the start of the year and then use the bikes to target learners with additional needs or who simply learn better outside of the classroom environment. There is no magic formula, we have developed 6 and 12 week programmes that form part of your resource folder and can be used for planning and assessment purposes, but you can re-run sessions the children like or even come up with your own. We will also upload new session ideas on the members area of the website to keep things fresh.

We have seen riders who struggle to communicate really open up to coaches following sessions, we have seen riders who struggle with their balance and coordination make real improvements through regular Cyclings sessions and in turn seen real improvements in class work and behaviour. One thing that we see a lot is smiling children, happy faces and lots of cheering and desire to learn.

Don’t forget that there are also a range of activities for children to complete off the bike such as a ‘name the parts of the bike’ worksheet which can be written or cut and stuck. Similarly there is a ‘What do I need to do to get ready for cycling’ worksheet which can be cut and glued or written in, and there are even games that can be used on a tablet or using a mouse to build a bike and work on children’s IT skills. Riders really enjoy doing these activities, and as with every element of Cyclings they are all based around the Characteristics of Effective Learning (COEL) and can be used to effectively record learning in pupils Learning Diaries.

For more info on becoming a Cyclings school, please get in touch via the website.