We get lots of requests from schools asking if they can get involved in delivering Cyclings sessions and how it all works.

Essentially, if you would like to start delivering high quality balance bike sessions at your school, we give you all the tried and tested tools you need to get started. As well as sending you 6 top quality bikes and 6 fully tested and easy to fit helmets, we also send you a bag of equipment and a set of resources that mean you are able to start delivering straight away.

But it doesn’t end there, you also get access to our we portal, on there you will find the Cyclings University, which give you full training in all elements of delivery, from fitting helmets and setting up bikes, through to delivering fun and engaging sessions. You will also see a range of online resources that you can use in the classroom when it’s wet outside. As part of your membership package you can also log on to the private members area and download certificates and other resources as well as order any additional equipment that you might need.

All of the resources are built around the Characteristics of Effective Learning (COEL) which means that you can use the resource cards in the knowledge that all the sessions you run are aimed at one of the 9 core themes. This helps with planning and evaluation and means you can focus sessions at particular areas of need. We have supplied session plans and programmes so your planning is minimised, we have also supplied certificates for all children as well as assessment sheets for Learning Diaries.

Sessions can be run as part of PE or curriculum lessons for all children, regardless of current riding ability, and can also be used year round to help engage with learners who need additional help or specific out of class learning. Learners find big improvements in Gross Motor Skills and also a range of soft skills such as teamwork and communication through the games in the resource folder.

Cyclings can be paid for using Pupil Premium or School Sports Premium funding and sessions can be run all through the year, indoors and outdoors. All of the equipment we supply has been tested over many years of delivery and we have only selected the equipment that we know will last, so you will be able to use it for many years. Storage is simple, you will have a large bag and 6 balance bikes to house and additional equipment is simple to order through our website should you want it.

For more info on becoming a Cyclings school, please get in touch via the website.