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What Equipment do we use?

Cyclings has been built up over many years of delivery and through many interactions and input from children, teachers and paediatric professionals. We are delighted that our worksheets and course outlines are so well received and simple to use and we love that families get to see their children riding through their Learning Diaries. But

What do pupils get from taking part?

We’ve seen lots of happy faces at Cyclings sessions over the years and lots of happy teachers too. The basis of all Cyclings sessions is fun. Warm-ups should be short and effective and time on the bike should be maximised. Learners are in small groups of 6 (schools do run larger sessions but we recommend

What’s involved in a Cyclings session?

We visited a school today and saw Cyclings sessions being delivered to a group of fantastic young learners, all keen to get stuck in. Sessions are typically conducted in groups of 6 and always start the same way, riders are asked to fit their own helmets and adjust their own saddle height. For the first

How does Cyclings work?

We get lots of requests from schools asking if they can get involved in delivering Cyclings sessions and how it all works. Essentially, if you would like to start delivering high quality balance bike sessions at your school, we give you all the tried and tested tools you need to get started. As well as