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Calling EYFS Educators

Cycling Courses

For EYFS Children

Built around the COEL

Linked and sequential session plans all with clearly signposted outcomes that can be used in learning diaries and assessments.

Learning for everyone

All activities are inclusive and encourage children of all abilities, backgrounds and special educational needs to get involved.

Put fun in EYFS physical education

Childrens Cycling Course Kit

Beginning with Balance

Balance Bike Based Teaching Resources – The very best in sport related teaching resources with special focus on

inclusive resources for EYFS level children.

EYFS Cycling Course

Physical and cognitive skills all built around the Characteristics of Effective Learning


Cyclings – Over a decade of experience underpins the Cyclings Program

Our Parent company, Sole Cycling has been delivering fun and educational cycling related activities to riders of all ages since 2007 and what we found was that cycling provides a fantastic way to engage with people and teach them all kinds of real world lessons, from Teamwork and Communication to balance and perception.


We believe that bikes are a fantastic way to engage children.

Teaching core skills on a bicycle gives children an opportunity to learn in a way that they wouldn’t be able to in a classroom.

We have trained many Pre-School, Reception and Year 1 children to ride for the first time using our Cyclings programme.

Aiding the development of Gross Motor Skills

Early development of Gross Motor Skills helps with fine motor skills and improved pen control. Cyclings activities are all designed to work on balance and core control.

Promotes healthy and active lifestyles

Cyclings is a great way to get children’s bodies and minds active and ready for learning.

Want to become the next Cyclings Superhero Teacher?

Cyclings is about enabling you, the Teachers, Teaching Assistants, support workers and all the other amazing people in schools, pre-schools and nurseries, to deliver fun, structured and engaging cycling sessions.

Makes lessons fun and engaging

Our lessons are all designed with children in mind…in fact, we asked them to help us design them. Children will use their imagination and creativity as well as their physical skills to get maximum enjoyment from every session.

Online and Offline interactive activities

You’ll receive resource and activity sheets, assessment activities, online Apps and more as part of your annual membership.

Support when you need it

In our comprehensive online resource portal which includes the ‘Cyclings University’ you will learn how to deliver sessions and get session planning tools, or if you want us on site to run a bespoke workshop we can do that too.

Help putting the bikes together? A visit from one of our Cyclings champions? New game ideas? Whatever additional help you need, we’re here to help.

Latest News

The Results of delivering Cyclings are Breathtakingly Beautiful – It’s time to share the knowledge.

What do pupils get from taking part?

December 4th, 2019|Characteristics of effective learning, COEL, Cycling in school, Fun on Bikes, Gross Motor Skills improvement|

We’ve seen lots of happy faces at Cyclings sessions over the years and lots of happy teachers too.

What’s involved in a Cyclings session?

December 4th, 2019|Characteristics of effective learning, COEL, Cycling in school, Gross Motor Skills improvement, Reception class teamwork|

We visited a school today and saw Cyclings sessions being delivered to a group of fantastic young learners,

Live membership resources portal

Our Cyclings University is always online, meaning you can train new staff, refresh your own knowledge and download games and activities which are regularly added to your members portal allowing you to run fresh and exciting sessions for learners.

Cost-effective sustainable learning resources

These resources can be used regularly for multiple year groups and over a number of years making your cyclings membership incredible value for money.

Join Cyclings today and change the future of the Children you are Teaching